Data visualization - Travel Visa Inequality


A vacation in Thailand made me curious about how equal travel visas are distributed between different countries. My intention of this project was to raise awareness for existing inequalities between different countries knowing that this problem is only one example of inequality around the globe.


The visualization shows the difference between visa travel policies of 194 countries based on Wikipedia data. The difference or inequality gets calculated by comparing the travel policy of citizen A going to country B and the travel policy of citizen B going to country A. In my case: I’m allowed to go to Thailand without having a visa, but somebody from Thailand needs a visa to visit Germany.


Category: Visa requirements by nationality and linked Wikipedia articles. Scraped on April 17, 2017.


The data was scraped from the Wikipedia list. I got as a result 65 different visa travel policies for 194 countries. I generalized and ordered the 65 categories into the following 6: ‘Visa not required’, ‘Visa On arrival’, ‘ETA required’, ‘eVisa required’, ‘Visa required’ to ‘Admission refused’. The exact differences between the resulted categories are hard to quantify. I tried to solve that challenge by reducing the comparison to colors and terms like less and more advantages/ disadvantages.